Many of the clients we support have at some point in their lives experienced some kind of trauma which has then led to them seeking services like ours.

There are many terms used now to describe those who have struggled with drug or alcohol addiction, who have been in and out of the care system, struggled financially to keep a roof over their head, or spent time in prison. You will hear terms such as 'multiple disadvantaged'  which ,means a person experiences a combination of homelessness, addiction, re-offending behaviour and/or mental ill health at the same time. or 'complex needs', which means someone described with two or more needs affecting their physical, mental, social or financial wellbeing.

Many of those we work with here at YRP have had some form of traumatic event that has had an impact on how they live and interact in society. We realise that for many of our clients there is no easy 'fix' but that we will be with them along their journey for as long as they want us to be,

There are four main types of trauma, Acute trauma, Chronic Trauma, Complex Trauma and System Induced Trauma.

Trauma for many of our clients can result in early childhood such as being removed from the family home. The death of a loved one, domestic violence, bullying, physical or sexual abuse.

Psychologically informed environments (PIE) are services that are designed and delivered in a way that takes into account the emotional and psychological needs of the individuals using them and working in them. Any service working with vulnerable people can become a PIE and a wide range of homelessness services have adopted the model.

We as a Charity have really looked at how we can support every client we work with. We have looked at our environment and how we make it a more user friendly, welcoming place to stay and access services. We take time to listen to our clients and come from a non-judgmental way of working to build trust and understanding of our clients lived experiences.

We offer training to staff ongoing and as part of teams development we offer Reflective Practice which helps us be conscious of the influence of our beliefs, values, qualities, strengths and limitations.

It helps us evaluate and reflect on experience's or an event so we can develop a new perspective and be able to identify and adopt appropriate changes to how we work to better understand our clients and ourselves.

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