Conversations, with clients is at the forefront of what we do. Everything begins with creating a dialogue between staff and the client.  

It can be intimidating going to a new place with all new people and having to have personal conversations. Therefore, I find taking clients out to a coffee shop can be a great way of building that trust and allowing them the opportunity to talk in a neutral, non-judgmental environment. We want clients to feel safe to talk about their stresses and concerns, having these conversations over a cup of coffee allows them to have that sense of normality back.  

As an outreach worker I find it a great opportunity to get to know clients more without the barriers that can come with a more formal setting. It's a great way for clients to also reconnect with the community, this can be a big struggle for some of those that we work with. 

Getting to know: Mia 

Job title: Criminal Justice Navigator  

It's always good to get to know staff and volunteers who are working collaboratively to defeat homelessness together. Here we find out about our Criminal Justice Navigator. Mia. 

We provide one-to-one support for people experiencing homelessness, where their offending is jeopardising their chances of sustaining long-term accommodation. We work with the client creating a personalised service that could also include help with physical health, drugs or alcohol, relationships, debt and finances.

When did you start at YRP? July 2021

What’s your star sign?
 Leo     Any pets? One cat named Alfie.

Tea or Coffee? Tea (although it must be a flavoured tea for me to enjoy it)

What 3 words best describe you? Honest, Compassionate and Reliable. 

What’s your fav food? Italian, I love all pizza and pasta, I would eat it every day if I could.
I also have a slight chocolate addiction, mainly Cadbury Mini Rolls. 

What’s your fav film? Bridget Jones’ Diary has to be my favourite feel good film.  

What’s your fav song? All We Do – Oh WonderIf you could be any animal, what animal and why? I would be a cat because mine seems to have a great time all day laying in the sun, sleeping, and being pampered. It’s definitely a lifestyle I could enjoy.

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