Hi my name is Natasha and I am the assertive outreach worker here at York Road Project.

I believe having a conversation over a tea/coffee can create a bond and more importantly what is perceived as a safe space.

Simply talking about things can relieve stresses and anxieties whilst also breaking down any barriers, helping anyone feel more comfortable to open up.

Talking with someone and becoming a familiar can create a valuable bond which in time could make it easier to have difficult conversations without judgement, stigma or any shame.

Talking can help you stay healthy and could bring a stop to certain problems getting on top of you. Alongside bonding talking can build self-esteem, potentially provide another perspective thus influencing decisions and motivate change.

Getting to know Natasha

Job title: Assertive Outreach Worker
When did you start at YRP? 4/10/2021

Whats your star sign? Taurus

Whats your fav food? Chinese (deep fried salt and pepper tofu with salt and pepper chips)

Whats your fav film? Pulp Fiction

Whats your fav song? Soulmate by Mac Miller

If you could be any animal, what animal and why? I would be a tiger because they are very independent and powerful animals. They spend most of their day sleeping in the sun and cool down by swimming in pools of water. Which sounds like the perfect life to me 🙂

What 3 words best describe you? Independent, Genuine and Open-Minded

Tea or Coffee? Coffee

Any pets? 1 dog and two cats 

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