Blog and News: How much is too much and how big is too big?

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The images that you upload to the image field when creating a news item does not need to be brought down to a certain size, as they are automatically resized for the thumbnail in the News view, and to sit above this body of text. You will want to use images that are larger than 690px wide by 460px tall, as images smaller than this will be negatively affected by the automatic enlarging. I've added an apt image to accompany this news item so that you can get an idea of how large the images will be.


When you're adding an image to the body of text, it can be any size that you want, but images larger than 690px wide will be resized so that they don't go breaking the page margins, and everything stays neat. This means that when it comes to images, nothing is too big for your shiny new website! It actually goes one awesome step further; the image will resize itself in a smart fashion depending on what resolution your screen is set to. Go ahead and resize your browser window by clicking and dragging the right hand side and making the whole browser smaller. Keep your eyes on the image. Neat, isn't it? 

For text, this is up to you. There are many styles in your WYSIWYG editor that you can use to break up bodies of text to make it a much better read than a large block of black text. However, we're not stopping you from writing a large wall of text.