This is an example blog post

Your news section is not your blog

Too many people create content in news feeds that are better geared towards being blog items, and, whilst the difference is not largely differentiated, each is distinct in terms of their content and their functions.

What makes it into the news items?

Our key word for the day is objectivity. Your news feed is a place to put our your factual, unbiased, press. It's much aligned to the style that your monthly newsletters take on (yep, even the spam ones from that online shop you bought a random item from dogs years ago). Has someone just joined your fantastic fundraising team? They can have a news post. Have you launched a new website designed and built by brilliant people? (Oh, go on then..) Yep, you can put that in a news post. Has a co-worker brought in their pet stick insect, but you lost him in the office plants? That's not news, admit it, you've lost him in there quite a few times now.

Your news wants to be the factual face of your organisation. What you choose to market in your news blog becomes part of your brand.

Your blog posts can be subjective, and broad in scope. They can be pretty much anything that your news posts can't be.

Tell people about your upcoming events, give subjective commentary on your last Charity gala, throw in editorials, promote your own things, let people know that Sally, the stick insect, has finally been found, and she's not male! 

It's a bit ironic, but this information is better suited to be a blog post rather than in the news section, for the reasons stated above.