Guildford Road Flats

YRP has 2 flats adjoining the night shelter and the accommodation consists of 5 individual rooms with shared communal facilities.  These beds are a natural move for clients after their stay in the shelter and are for those who could benefit from receiving medium to high support to assist them in their accommodation.  Do you need a considerable level of support in order for you to sustain your accommodation?  If so, speak to a member of staff about the service.  If you have a current substance misuse problem you will be considered subject to a management plan being in place.  We will also consider you if you have a monitoring tag.

The dynamics of the current clients in the flats will be considered to ensure that  the house remains settled and if difficulties become evident, support will be offered to all concerned to reduce any risk. 

We will give priority to people who have a proven Woking connection and you will need to be registered on the Woking Housing Needs Register.  If there aren't any suitable Woking referrals received, referrals from clients with a Surrey connection will be considered.

Referrals will be accepted from agencies and directly from individuals who are seeking accommodation.  If you wish to discuss this accommodation further  please contact Amanda McWilliams on 01483 728739.