All Aboard The Swingbridge Barge.

All Aboard The Swingbridge Barge.

Posted on: 13 July 2016 in

Climbing aboard the Swingbridge barge today, 6 of our delightful clients had 2 hours of lock maintenance, captaining the deck and learning more about Guildford's waterways.

The Swingbridge Community is an organisation that offers training, volunteering and  environmental conservation efforts to a vast array of members of the public, and has been 'floating around' since 2002. Heading their crew, Chris invited us for the journey, where service users of YRP could really set sail and do something unique and relaxing in an environment of peacefulness and within nature; something appreciated by all.


Taking a packed lunch with them, the group headed by train with our Project Worker at the Day Centre, Jamie, and our volunteer, Sandy, to the River Wey where they boarded and were given life jackets along with a steaming cup of tea. Once the barge was set adrift and the engine started, the crew delighted us with profound knowledge of the waterways themselves and the history of our journey. 



Coming to the locks, clients were given the responsibility to work alongside the crew to be sure that the journey was an effortless one, while others took turns at manning the steering. 

Regardless of the rain, the group absolutely loved their trip and their smiles say a thousand words. To many more future voyages!