Alyssa completes Dame kelly Holmes' Get On Track programme!

Alyssa completes Dame kelly Holmes' Get On Track programme!

Posted on: 7 August 2014 in

Alyssa completed six weeks of 'Get on Track' which provides disadvantaged young people (aged 16-25) with the self-discipline, motivation and confidence they need to enhance their employability and to lead more active lives.  The scheme is run by The Dame Kelly Holmes Legacy Trust and Alyssa was mentored by an Olympic athlete.  She had a fantastic time and at her graduation celebration, she read out the following poem which she wrote herself.  We are immensely proud of Alyssa's achievements and hope she is too.


'On your marks, get set, go

Get on track like Kelly Holmes

"I'm not a runner & was bottom set in p.e, & to be honest every body's gonna laugh at me"

It's just 6 short weeks

you'll be at your peak

Climbing obstacles & proving that your not that weak.

If Darren had a dime for every time he heard that line "I can't do it" but it turned out fine The taxman would think he's on to some corporate crime


What I'm trying to say

Is going to class today

Has really made me look forward to the better days.

I can set goals to climb mountains & budget my way to the top Cause the d-lay behind me is solid as a rock So when I slip stumble & fall it won't be a flop.

They just hold on tight till my footing's right climbing on & up so high like an eagle in flight.


Dylan, Darren, Anna & Monique

Have taught me to be proud of being bloomin unique A diamond in the rough & now I'm feeling mighty tough. The rough edges finally buffed & I can't enough


So I'll step up to the occasion, bring it on ... I'm not scared.

But should I slip back they said they're there for at least 1 more year While I'm stepping up to my podium building a successful career


Now can everybody here give us all cheer A bunch of youngins doin something better than downing pints of beer'