An amazing poem!

An amazing poem!

Posted on: 2 June 2015 in

Our Kitchen Supervisor, Mel Jones has written an amazing and heartfelt poem about the people she caters for - it is worth spending two minutes reading:

The mouths I feed


The middle aged man who once had it all,

A belligerent soldier who never thought that he’d fall.

Individuals who are haunted by the voices in their head,

Regular street sleepers who need the respite of a bed.


These are the mouths that I feed


A self-harmer with marks and scars of despair,

Who believes seeing blood will somehow help him repair.

The traveller lad who took a step just too far,

And a frightened old man who slept in his car.


These are the mouths that I feed


The beautiful girl who binges, simply escaping her past,

A hardened alcoholic, aware the next drink may be his last.

The prison release with tattoos of his crime,

Quietly regretting the reasons why he did time.


These are the mouths that I feed


The foreigner believing this country offered more,

A user whose only need and desire is to score.

A timid quiet woman who’s suffered years of abuse,

The eccentric frail man nicknamed “Mr Recluse”


These are the mouths that I feed


The kids in care for most of their lives,

Forgetting rejection in a haze of legal highs.

Individual people with a story to tell,

Hoping for the right path and that all will end well.


These are the eyes that feed me