Building bird boxes!

Building bird boxes!

Posted on: 4 April 2014 in

Some clients and I were having a conversation about birds and suddenly, Derek says 'we should make bird boxes'.  That simple sentence launched an operation which the SAS would have been proud of!  Derek and Steve headed for the Lighthouse in search of wood (many thanks to the team there for helping us at short notice) and Tony and I spent our evenings raiding our sheds for all manner of tools and scary looking implements.  The next morning, I walked in to the Night Shelter half expecting the clients to have gone off the idea but I was pleasantly surprised - they were still keen!  We hastily rearranged the Day Centre programme to allow time for construction to begin.  Risk assessments were completed, the room was cleared and work commenced. 

 Derek and Graham in construction mode.

 Volunteer David hard at work with Sharon - it's a hard life volunteering at YRP!


At York Road Project, we offer a variety of opportunities for clients to gain some experience and also to have fun.  We are not experts at carpentry and have very little space but when a client suggests a good idea for a workshop, we are keen to jump on it.  Not only did the clients make bird boxes but they also got involved with the planning and delivery of the session.  Alyssa even swept the floor!

We sold two of the bird boxed and here is one in situ!

Well done to all those involved and keep the ideas coming!!