Christmas 2015 at YRP

Christmas 2015 at YRP

Posted on: 31 December 2015 in

Christmas at YRP!

Christmas in a night shelter can be hard for the clients staying there and any rough sleepers but at YRP, we make every effort to ensure that anyone who wants to celebrate the day has a good time. For some people, Christmas is a time with memories, both good and bad, which can make the day very difficult.  YRP staff try to make it easier.

The day is like any average Christmas day in most homes and starts with presents for all - including rough sleepers and all can enjoy a fry up!  Clients are encouraged to help in the kitchen if they want to as 15 people eat a lot of sprouts!  At least three turkeys will be served along with all the usual trimmings and crackers.  After lunch and more presents, board games normally take over and this year Alex thrashed the staff and clients at monopoly - apparently he is very competitive!

For some of our clients, Christmas is too difficult for them to participate and so if they choose to stay in bed all day, then they can.  The staff will periodically check they are ok but they realise that most people would like to be wth their loved ones.  We try to make it as fun as possible and this would not be possible without all of the wonderful donations we received this year which included:

  • Turkeys (lots!)
  • presents
  • crackers
  • clothing
  • toiletries
  • chocolate (lots!)
  • cake
  • biscuits
  • fizzy drinks
  • fruit and veg
  • plus lots more!

Donations come from local businesses, local individuals, faith based groups, schools and everywhere else you can imagine.  As with the rest of the year, YRP would not be able to offer as much support as we do to those people facing homelessness in Woking with out the support of the community.  To everyone who has ever donated to YRP we say a heartfelt:

                                     Thank you - you make a

                                      difference to those

                                                in need.

Mel, our expert kitchen supervisor, cooking the first of many turkeys!

Amanda receiving kind donations.