Cooking With KFC

Cooking With KFC

Posted on: 7 August 2016 in

KFC have been a long standing partner to YRP in the past, and regularly run amazing workshops to increase our clients knowledge of the work environment. This can include CV writing, how to approach interviews, preparing interview questions and how best to display their best selves, plus much much more. The clients were treated to a day out to the Head Office of KFC in Woking recently, where they were given the opportunity to see how things were run in a store operated by the company itself. 

After being given information on machinery, techniques, the production line and safety, the team were able to bread their own chicken and design their own wraps - giving them a name and reasons why they chose such ingredients. All of this was after the team learnt how KFC comes up with new ideas, and the process these decisions go through.

It was a great afternoon, finishing with KFC handing out personal commendations to two of the clients who regularly attend the Employment Skills workshops, thanking them for their continued support and effortless personality traits that they bring to the table. 

Congratulations guys.