Isaac and Amelie run the Surrey half marathon for YRP!

Isaac and Amelie run the Surrey half marathon for YRP!

Posted on: 1 March 2017 in

So much is said about young people not thinking about others, but here at YRP we know that is not always true.  Isaac and Amelie were so moved by seeing rough sleepers in Woking that they have decided to run the Surrey Half Marathon and raise money for York Road Project.

Isaac is 14 years old and attends park school.  He has autism.  He has competed in Special needs cross country before.  He says:

Homeless people are just normal people except they don't have homes and end up on the street.  I personally  think homeless people deserve a chance at life, its not fair that they end up on the streets. So I decided to raise money for homeless people by supporting the Woking homeless shelter at York road by running in the Surrey half marathon.  My training is going good so far; my dad has been taking me to the gym and I have been taking my dog out running.  I am a bit nervous about it as I am worried that I might be slow but what really matters is that I complete it.  I hope we can raise lots of money for the York Road Project.


Amelie is 12 years old and attends Hoe valley school.  She is a member of Woking Athletics Club and says:

I have recently noticed a lot more homeless people around Woking and it has made me think about their lives and how hard it must be to try and survive on the streets.  I know I am very lucky to have a home and a family that love me. I feel that people are building new shopping centres and new football grounds when really we should be building more shelters for the homeless. I want to raise awareness about the necessity for homeless shelters.  We should look after the homeless people because tomorrow you might be one of them. Nobody chooses to be homeless.  I want to support our local homeless shelter and my school has encouraged us to enter the Surrey Half marathon so I became inspired to raise money for the York Road Project.  I hope you will consider sponsoring my brother and I.

Without financial support from the community, York Road Project would not exist and so we thank Isaac and Amelie for thinking of those we support.  You can help too by sponsoring them via their Just Giving page: