Joel explains how he's the best Move-On Worker!

Joel explains how he's the best Move-On Worker!

Posted on: 5 September 2018 in

How I became the best move-on worker in the Universe!

By Joel Urwin

The month was April, the year, 2018. As the seasonal showers struck the gum-addled pavement, a self-assured, boyishly handsome cyclist rode into town.

Unwavering in stance and valor, he surveyed the task before him.
4 move-on properties.
18 clients.
Plus a bit of workshops and Prop cover when necessary.

The cogs in his mind whirred like the wheels of his precision-engineered, slate-grey bicycle.

Did he have the skills necessary? Sure. Was he handsome enough? Undoubtably. But he must prepare.

In his mind he dissected the Move-On Project Worker role much like an expert bicycle enthusiast, prudently dismantling their beloved vehicle to gain a better understanding.  

And against the wind-swept, broken-dreamed backdrop of Woking Town (home of Europe’s largest Graveyard, Brookwood Cemetery) he decided he would adopt an approach which he named The Trident ©:

  • A good knowledge and understanding of local services as applicable to York Road Project clients.

Utilising The Trident ©, he embarked upon an enriching bicycle ride of support and relationship building, as well as an equally, if not more enriching one of property maintenance.

No two days mirrored one another, and there was much rough terrain along the way. However, with this approach, the ability to reflect, and asking his team for help when needed, he accommodated this terrain like a perfectly-tuned, front fork suspension system.

Although the job was demanding, the enjoyment and fulfilment the role gave our young protagonist kept him endeavoring to improve. And gradually, through gaining experience, constantly re-evaluating his approach, being willing to learn, and having second-to-none small-scale DIY skills, he became the best move-on project worker in the universe.