Lisa's marathon blog #1

Lisa's marathon blog #1

Posted on: 14 February 2017 in

The journey so far


Hello all!
As some of you may know, I have been given the fantastic opportunity of running in the London marathon this year for the great charity; the York Road Project. As this is a major life goal of mine, and as misery loves company, I have decided to share my training journey with you all: the ups, the downs, the injuries, and the triumphs.
I started training pretty much from scratch in September as I had been a bit slack with my running since completing my first (and only) half marathon last Feb. The above 3 photos pretty much sum up every training session that I have completed so far: the 'I don't want to' phase, the energetic and painful phase, and the 'yes, I did it!' phase. For a bit more insight, here is an insert from one of my long runs:

So, this first picture Is how I felt before going for a run today. I had spent all day lounging on the sofa in my pyjamas eating chocolate and a share-bag of crisps (nobody is perfect!) when I began the internal battle to force myself to get ready and leave the warmth of the house for the miserable we pavements. It took me one coffee and over an hour, but the light side won!
I started off at a sluggish pace, slightly shell-shocked that I was actually out, but soon got into a rhythm and began thinking it was going well for a run I hadn’t wanted to do… until I hit the last mile. I chose to do a double circuit of a 2.6 mile loop today, which I usually avoid for the soul destroying moment where you have to pass your house and keep going. This moment, however, did not compare to the last, trudging mile; with a stitch in my chest, knees niggling, and stomach feeling queasy (Damn you past Lisa for your bad food choices!), I was lucky I had a good play list on as it was the only thing that pulled me through. I may have looked a fool to those in the rush hour traffic that saw my ‘hand dancing’, but I didn’t care, the only thing that mattered was finishing that run, which I did with a last minute surge of energy!

My training 
After not training for my half marathon properly and suffering badly with my knees, I decided that I would need a proper training schedule to stick to for the marathon. This has been made up of a gym session each week (mainly consisting of a weights circuit focused on the lower body), one session of interval running on a treadmill (either hills or sprints or both depending on how I am feeling), and a long run each week, which started at 5km and is currently up to 7miles. I have also been doing a yoga session to maintain my flexibility and for a nice time out from heavy training, and will be adding another short run as of next week. I got myself a fab early Christmas present this year of a Garmin running watch to keep track of my work, and here is a summary of my runs so far from December that I have managed to track...

As you can see, I am slowly improving and getting better each week, which is what it is all about! I still have a long way to go yet, but knowing that I can help to change the life of some of the homeless in my local area is helping to spur me on, as are all my friends and family out there! If you wish to help my motivation and a great charity, the link to my donation page is below or ar the top right of the page; if not, then just enjoy my pain, joy, and stories as i slog it out to the finish!
Speak to you all soon,