Lisa's marathon blog #4

Lisa's marathon blog #4

Posted on: 14 February 2017 in

The hard slog


I am well into my training now and working my way through the cold, long runs. They still aren't easy, but I am starting to feel like I am getting somewhere, and I had my first run for several weeks that wasn't in the rain yesterday!

There is still a wide range of emotions that go through my mind as I run; here is a little breakdown for you:
Mile 1 - This is going to be hard, but at least I am out and doing it
Mile 2 - This isn't so bad, I'm doing well and keeping up my pace
Miles 3-5 - just focus on the music, try not to think about how far you still have to go
Miles 6-7 - Yay; I am half way!
Miles 8-10 - just keep moving, just keep moving
Miles 11-12 - Ouch! Nearly there!
Mile 13 - It's over, I did it!

For the majority of the run, I did feel like Dory, as I took up the mantra of 'just keep running'. With this mantra, I was able to run an extra loop of Stoke park, and take the long route back to my house, but I found that it was only in the moment I could make myself take these routes; thinking about them in advance made it seem like a much bigger deal than it was. Therefore, focusing on the moment and not thinking ahead is something I need to work on. It also helped to think of the money that has been raised so far, and how much I did not want to let these people down, no matter how much I wanted to quit and be able to sit comfortably at home instead! So please, any donations you can spare, help both me and the York Road Project, who do great work helping the homeless in Woking.

Along my run, I also suffered from knee pain from mile 7 or so onward, and the only thing I can relate it to, for the ladies reading, is when you go out in the evening wearing high or painful shoes, and it gets to the point where, if you take the heels off, you know you won't be able to hack dancing in them again, so you keep them on and suffer the old pain that your body is now used to. Therefore, I kept running, because if I had walked, I knew it would take too much to start running again! However, when I did stop (to cross roads/sort out my gloves etc), my legs were so full of momentum that it felt like stepping off a moving treadmill or a ship! In a way, this is a good testament as to how much running is down to mental strength, because my legs were still trying to move, but my mind was telling me that they couldn't go any further. It is also from this that I understand the quotes out there that say that if you can teach yourself to run, you can do anything, and at the moment, the marathon is my 'anything'.

I look forward to the weather getting warmer, and plan to start increasing my weekly mileage to up my training, although I think I have done pretty well this week fitting in a short run, intervals, a quick gym session, and a long run around a trip to Prague!!

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