Ready! Steady! Cook!

Ready! Steady! Cook!

Posted on: 3 July 2016 in

2 Teams - 4 Meals - 1 Day of Budget Management. 

At the Day Centre, we run many workshops with our clients to help with such things as budgeting, teamwork and planning. So for one day, we decided to implement all of these skills into one large-scale workshop to show the clients just how much they had taken in. The day began with two teams of clients who got together to implement their team building and cooking skills in a workshop designed to build and maintain the importance of working together, and finance management. 

Using recipe books and the internet, both teams were set the task to come up with meals catering to an £8 budget, with an aim of creating a filling dish that could cater for four people. Both meals were to come below budget and included both a main course to start and a dessert to finish. The teams drafted menus using online price comparison sites of their chosen ingredients and wrote down the cost for each, before setting off to the supermarkets to purchase their goods for the best prices possible. Using local knowledge, we even visited a local green grocers to make the pounds spend further.

Coming back to the PROP, the teams went to the kitchen and set about cooking their dishes as a team, delegating each to specific roles in order to manage their time most effective. Once cooked, the delicious meals were then scored in a blind-tasting bid by members of YRP staff to decide on an overall winner. 

'Team A' decided to cook a scrumptious corned-beef hash topped with mashed potato, followed by an exotic mixed fruit tart. 'Team B' on the other hand, opted for a shepherds pie followed by fried plantain and clotted cream, covered with maple syrup. Both dishes came out looking incredible.

A wonderful day spent implementing skills learned during employment and living skills workshops, thoroughly enjoyed by all.

The winning team? Team B with their imaginative dish and great choices within their budget.