Sean Henry supports YRP!

Sean Henry supports YRP!

Posted on: 15 December 2017 in

A few months ago, large sculptures of people popped up around Woking.  These were by artist Sean Henry and as homelessness is a cause close to his heart, he kindly donated £7500 to YRP - allowing us to offer even more support to our clients.


Sean said:

“In recognition of the recent acquisition of my “Seated Man” sculpture and other artworks by Woking Borough Council and property developers Moyallen, I am very happy to donate £7500 to the York Road Project.

I am impressed by the work the charity is doing in Woking, and hope these new funds will enable the York Road Project to continue to help people directly on a day-to-day basis.

My painted bronze sculptures are all based on anonymous people, and without necessarily drawing any specific parallels to homelessness, it is of course easy to imagine a range of different stories relating to each figure.

The sculptures occupy space in the same way that we do. Often appearing lost in thought, they are at the same time, by definition, also stoic and enduring & I am very happy they will remain in Woking into the future.

I grew up in nearby Pirbright, where my parents have lived since 1961, and I wish to thank The Lightbox Museum & Gallery for putting my work on show this summer, and thereby making this donation possible.”


 Sean has donated 'Sleeper' to the Lightbox gallery as a permanent installation

 We are very grateful for all the support we receive from the community in Woking as without it, we would be able to help as many people.