Visit to the Spike

Visit to the Spike

Posted on: 7 February 2013 in
A bedroom at The Spike

Those attending the YRP Day Centre were pleased to meet John Redpath who is a trustee of the Charlotteville Jubilee trust.  John came to talk  about homelessness historically in the local area, and in particular the The Spike in Guildford.  The Spike was built in 1906 to house vagrants and  continued as a night hostel until the mid 1960s.  All involved discussed both similarities and differences faced by those without accommodation now compared to many years ago. 

Later that same week, those who joined in with the discussion, went to visit The Spike to see for themselves the environment of a historical night shelter..  It was a very enjoyable experience and it is clear that whilst there is still homelessness in the 21st century, compassion and awareness has risen since those dark times.  There were some laughs too - one of the rules of The Spike displayed states:

'Any of the poor being in any way saucy  to the Master or Mistress shall be punished with the utmost severity of the law'.

Maybe we should add this one to the licence agreement!