YRP Barn Dance 2014 is a great success!

YRP Barn Dance 2014 is a great success!

Posted on: 20 June 2014 in

The first annual YRP Barn Dance took place on 7th June and was a huge success!  After an initial slow start from shy attendees, everyone was up and dancing thanks to very vocal encouragement from Keith the caller.  We all went in the wrong direction at multiple times and your original partner became irrelevant after a few seconds as the beauty of a barn dance is that you can dance with everyone and anyone.

There was much laughter throughout the evening and the charity event raised vital funds for the project to help buy items essential to help clients move away from homelessness.  One of the first things to buy is a pair of glasses for a shelter client.  Imagine trying to complete forms when you cannot see well enough.  Helping this individual will make an enormous difference and we thank all those who gave so generously.

Many thanks go to the YRP team for the long hours involved in organising the event, the clients who helped, United Reformed Church for the use of their facilities and most importantly Keith and the band - 'Six Beats in a Bar' who were magnificent throughout the entire evening.

Six Beat in a Bar