YRP Clients Take on 'The Challenge'

YRP Clients Take on 'The Challenge'

Posted on: 14 August 2016 in

Earlier this week, YRP clients and an organisation known at 'The Challenge', took two afternoons to plan and organise a sports event to enjoy the recent warm weather Woking has been having. 

The group of 12 teenagers aged between 16-18 came in to the PROP to gain an insight into the lives of people sleeping rough and within our move-on properties. The clients sat with the young people and explained the trials of living an area of their lives that they aim to make better. Being very open with the young adults meant that a true representation of homelessness was portrayed, along with all of the positive and not so positive experiences..

With ice-breakers to begin, a mini games session and then talks from our clients, the groups then sat down to plan their sports for the following afternoon, with enough biscuits and tea to go around. Deciding that they wanted to have a picnic, followed by a game of rounders, and then football and cricket, the teams had their agenda set.  

The following afternoon, the teams set out to a local park where the games began. Initially it was the boys vs the girls for rounders, and then YRP clients vs 'The Challenge'. Will no score being kept, it was all about fun and enjoying a wonderful afternoon. Afterwards, the teams separated into smaller groups where badminton, football and tennis were played with much laughing and enjoyment. 

A great afternoon sharing stories and enjoying the weather.