YRP launches 'Your kindness Could Kill'

YRP launches 'Your kindness Could Kill'

Posted on: 8 September 2015 in

York Road Project in partnership with Surrey Police and Woking Borough Council recently launched the 'Your Kindness could Kill' campaign in Woking.  Designed to highlight the risks associated with providing direct financial support to street beggars, who may appear homeless, vulnerable or in need of assistance, the 'Your Kindness Could Kill' aims to educate members of the public about the link between begging and the use of illegal drugs and/or alcohol. Thames Reach Broadway developed the campaign in 2013 and kindly allowed us to use it in Woking.  There has been an unacceptably high level of drug related deaths locally over the past 12 months and we believe that one death is too many and that we should do all we can to prevent any more.  Money given to beggars may be used to fund an addiction which could kill.

It is not about targeting some of the most marginalised members of our community and instead, through communication with the public suggests that if people want to help, they can support homeless people in other ways such as buying them food, donating time or money direct to YRP or by simply smiling and saying hello.

The campaign has been very successful with many people asking more and offering support in a variety of ways

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