YRP urgently needs sleeping bags for rough sleepers

YRP urgently needs sleeping bags for rough sleepers

Posted on: 11 May 2016 in

As sad as it is in 2016, the reality for many people is that they have nowhere to live and are forced to sleep rough on the streets of the UK.  In Woking, it is no different and in 2015/16 the number of people forced to rough sleep has risen 30% nationally and 36% in the South East of England.

Woking may be in a county of great affluence but there are pockets of extreme deprivation and for many reasons including high rents, more people than ever are losing their accommodation.  York Road Project is the only organisation in the borough dedicated to supporting those who don't have a roof over their heads.  Although we have 29 beds with 11 in our direct access night shelter, we are normally full and sadly have to turn many away.  It may be summer and warmer during the day but it still gets cold at night and to save lives, it is vital that we give people sleeping bags to keep them warm.

We give out over 500 each year and this would not be possible without donations from the community.  We do ask rough sleepers to bring them back if they are wet,dirty or they no longer need them but often they get left hidden and someone else puts them in the bin or they get stolen. 

Sleeping bags are the one item that we always need so please check your loft or garage and see if you have any tucked away that you no longer need.  Or maybe you are upgrading yours - please don't throw your old one away, please consider donating it to us so we can help those in need.

If you prefer and are able to give a financial donation, please use our Just Giving page so we can claim gift aid, making your donation even more valuable or if you prefer, you can always bring it straight to us at the project.  You are welcome to stipulate that your donation can only be used to buy sleeping bags (or any other specific item) and we will ensure that your request is honoured.

The staff, trustees and more importantly, the clients thank the people of Woking for their kind support throughout the year.