Our Objectives

The ultimate goal at York Road project is to assist individuals to secure permanent, independent accommodation. However, we also recognise that for some people this is not possible. For those, we will try to support them to maintain our supported accommodation or refer to other hostels and relevant specialist agencies.

Accommodation alone often does not solve the problem of homelessness, and at YRP, we endeavour to provide a holistic approach to assist clients with more than just a roof.  The Prop - our day time provision meets this need.  Support on many issues can be provided here - please see The Prop for more details and the current timetable of sessions.

Our aim is to provide an integrated approach from point of entry into the service through to the point where the client feels able to move away from support.  However, if in the future, the client faces a problem and requires support, we are happy to work with them.  It is not uncommon for people who have previously accessed supported housing to struggle in their own tenancy due to a variety of reasons including social isolation.  We can offer support at these times.