York Road Project has been providing support to hundreds of people facing homelessness here in Woking for over 22 years. This marks the second year of our Sponsor a Bed for Christmas Campaign. 

Christmas can be a difficult time for many, with the temperatures dropping, freezing conditions make sleeping on the streets even more challenging. After the success of last years campaign, your continued support ensures that individuals experiencing homelessness have a safe place to stay and access to crucial support services, giving them a chance to leave homelessness behind for good.

A Bed (Immediate, Safe, Short-Term Accommodation):

We understand that the first step in helping individuals experiencing homelessness is to provide them with immediate relief from sleeping rough on the streets. A 'bed‘ offers just that – a safe and secure place to sleep, ensuring that no one has to face the dangers and hardships of homelessness. 

"YRP got me off the streets, helped me get back on my feet and I was finally able to start to deal with my mental health." Ian

Our accommodation facilities are more than just a roof over one's head; they're a sanctuary where individuals can find respite, access essential services, and start rebuilding their lives.

We ensure that these spaces are clean, welcoming, and staffed by compassionate
professionals who prioritise the safety and well-being of every client

Sponsor a Bed this Christmas for £14

A Base (Experienced, Compassionate Staff Addressing Root Causes):

Beyond providing a 'bed', our 'base' is where the critical work starts. Our team is comprised of experienced, compassionate staff members who are dedicated to addressing the root causes of homelessness. They're not just here to offer a temporary solution; they're committed to helping individuals break free from the cycle of homelessness. Through personalised assessments and case management, our team identifies the challenges that each person faces, tailoring support plans to meet their specific needs. Whether it's addressing the loss of a relationship, the loss of a job, mental health issues, substance abuse, unemployment, or other contributing factors, our staff are trained to provide empathetic guidance and practical advice.

''Both YRP'S Day Centre and Direct Access service have helped me. YRP helped me with sourcing resources I did not know existed. They have been alongside me every step of the way as I moved into their move on accommodation."

Support to leave homelessness behind for good £40 

Nick's Story

‘’I was with York Road Project three times over the years and each time it was me going from Homeless to homed. This time has been the hardest because I was homeless for three years and four months. I was struggling with my mental health and wasn't ready for help. The outreach team came to visit me and eventually I agreed to move into there Direct Access Accommodation. They supported me to get a new driving license, bank account, apply for benefits as I had been relying on the generosity of the community to get by. YRP helped me join apply to join the  council housing register. They helped me refer to a  supported housing service locally and I moved in a few months ago. For me the most important thing was having my key worker at YRP, she helped me get through the door – meaning she gave me the confidence to get through every step of the process of going from long-term homelessness to securing longer term accommodation."

Our Wishlist can buy essential items we need for our accommodation services. 

Essential Items Wish List

York Road Project is a registered charity in England and Wales #1162835 at 1 York Road, Woking GU22 7XH. Registered to the fundraising regulator and ICO. Licensed charity street collector in areas across Woking, Surrey. *Text to donate services provided by Donr. Texts are charged a standard rate plus the selected donation amount. To stop any monthly text giving, simply text: STOP to 70085.
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