The Prop

Current Programme

All of the day time activities at York Road Project are based at 30 Goldsworth Road, Woking at The Prop.  A prop supports something and we support anyone who is facing or currently experiencing homelessness in Woking.  'Prop' stands for:





The larger building has showers and laundry facilities, confidential meeting and group rooms along with a large space for workshops.  The Prop will is open to all - NOT just those who are currently living in our accommodation. We are particularly happy to assist you if you are on the 'edge of homelessness' and where some support with landlords or benefits, for example, could help you to keep your accommodation. 

There is no need to call in advance - simply turn up at the beginning of the chosen session. Have a look at our workshop timetable for this month.

The latest edition of our magazine 'Urban Living' is available for you to read. Please click here to read the current edition and enjoy. Thanks to our kind magazine sponsors New Heat Solutions.


Facilities on offer:

  • Computer access for job/accommodation searches, making contact with friends/family, completing housing register forms.
  • Support with interviews and CV writing.
  • Computer skills training.
  • CSCS theory tests.
  • Food Hygiene courses.
  • Housing and benefits advice.
  • Filling forms etc.
  • Discussion groups/activities about relevant matters.
  • Showers and laundry use for rough sleepers.
  • Confidential meeting room.






Opening Times:

7.30am - 8.30am -            Rough sleepers only - breakfast and access to showers/laundry

8.30am - 10.30am -          Advice session and access to all

10.30am - 11am -             Break

11am - 12pm -                  Workshop 1.  Access only to those engaging in the activity.

12pm - 1pm -                    Lunch.  Access to all. 

1pm - 2.30pm -                 Workshop 2. Access only to those engaging in the activity.

2.30pm - 4pm -                 Access to all

4pm -                                 Close


Group Facilitators experiences of the Day Centre


Louise Norris - Employability Workshops

'My name is Louise and I work for KFC in the Education and Recruitment Team, I lead our Early Careers Programmes including Graduates and College Leavers.''

When we first started working with York Road we focused largely on employability workshops such as CV writing, interviews, assessment centres and team building since then we have broadened our workshops from writing newsletters to budgeting to presentation skills. We also open up our KFC kitchens once a quarter and work with our Product Excellence Teams for the clients at YRP to come to our office and have the chance to see behind the scenes, bread their own chicken and create and build their own burgers. We are happy to turn our hands to anything if it helps to support the clients!

We love working with the clients at York Road, they are such a variety of characters, we find ourselves having some unusual conversations and they are brutally honest which can be very interesting but hugely refreshing. Occasionally we have a challenging week but more often than not we have a fabulous time and whoever has been down that week, invariably returns to the office buzzing about their experience and with an update on what is going on with some of the more regular clients that we see from week to week. 

The project has given us all the opportunity to be our best selves but more importantly to give others the opportunity to realise and be their best selves. We have spent time building our know how about this group of the community, it has required us to be open minded, considerate about how we adapt and deliver the material that we are sharing and more aware of their needs as a group. It is a sensitive project which relies on high levels of trust between ourselves and the clients built up through us getting to know them, committing to them, believing that everyone has the capability to make a difference and doing what we’ve said we will do.'


Dale Garrett - Stop Smoking Workshop 

'The York Road Project approached Quit51 in April this year and invited us along to explain the service to both clients and staff. Dale, and Doug Simmons, one of our trained practitioners held a workshop which was very well attended by clients and staff.

Quit51 found both clients and staff were both receptive and understanding of the information that was delivered.  This resulted in one client and a member of staff registering on to one of the local clinics we run across Surrey. Our practitioners found the both groups delightful and easy to engage with and on a personal level, thoroughly enjoyed the morning spent at the York Road Project.  As a result of this meeting and due to the great success and feedback given, Quit51 we were invited back for a further workshop and it is hopeful that we will have further invites in the future.'


Frances Williams - Creative Arts

'Leading the voice and singing workshops at YRP was a fantastic experience - a real adventure! When we started I had no idea how people at YRP would respond or if they'd be interested in the work at all. However, all our workshops had a high level of attendance and the men and women at YRP engaged enthusiastically in the work. Those who participated found that they do, in fact, have a voice, and that perhaps this singing business is quite fun after all!

There was a real sense of openness and engagement during the workshops, no doubt a result of the welcoming and inclusive atmosphere at YRP's Day Centre. The staff really supported our work and worked wonders in helping us administer it. I hope very much to keep coming in to help out at the Day Centre; great work is being done there!'


Mark Davies - Playwrite

'When I was asked to come to the York Project and was asked to 'Do something creative with the clients.. Possibly some writing..'  I was slighted daunted by the prospect. I'm a playwright and former teacher, I have taught special needs for eight years all ages boarding and day, been a care worker for MENCAP and I've done a summer play scheme with traveller children in Liverpool.

But I have never worked with 'homeless people'.  How glad am that I went along that day and met a fantastic group of men - they were attentive, engaged, sincere, intelligent, respectful and there was a mutual reciprocity of perspective in the room that felt quite unique. We engaged with each other on mutual, respectful terms almost instantly and the appreciation that this great bunch of men gave out was totally fulfilling and humbling.

I left the session feeling like the whole morning was a totally worthwhile thing to do and that in itself is surely a priceless commodity.

I look forward to my next visit and I am really glad I got involved'.