Volunteer at YRP

Thanks for your interest in volunteering at YRP.  Currently we have a full compliment of volunteers and are not recruiting.  Please keep checking this page as once we have vacancies they will be detailed here.



Why Volunteer?

Volunteers bring so much to an organisation and here at YRP, we welcome the support we receive from those who want to help us and our clients.  Most of our volunteers have some time on their hands and feel that they are able to help people in their community and they also get something back, be it work experience or knowing that they are making a difference however small.

We offer a comprehensive and specific induction package for all of our volunteers which includes organisational policies and procedures.  You will have a conversation with our volunteer coordinator and match your skills and availability with what we need help with here.

What will I be doing?

In discussion with the volunteer coordinator, you will be offered a role and time that is convenient for both you and the organisation.  We are really keen to utilise any specific skills you may have, but if you would like to do something completely different, this will be discussed.

Examples of the work some of our current volunteers undertake include:

  • Meet and greet the clients
  • Assisting clients with form filling.
  • Helping with CV writing.
  • IT skills
  • Helping in the kitchen, preparing meals.
  • Leading or helping in discussion groups.

How do I volunteer?

If you are interested in becoming a YRP volunteer please email volunteer@yorkroadproject.org.uk and we will explain a little about volunteering and if appropriate, will arrange a time for you to come in, meet her and have a look around the project.

Volunteering can be very rewarding but is not for everyone.  Clients can display challenging behaviour at times but they do appreciate the support and compassion that you may be able to offer.  So, if you have time, please come and join the team here - we have a lot of fun too!


Volunteer testimonies


Hi I am Wendy. Do you know anyone who is homeless? No? Nor did I until I started to volunteer at the York Road Project here in Woking earlier this year. Before starting I met with the Day Centre co-ordinator for an informal interview to see if I was right for them and equally if they were right for me! I have met so many interesting, friendly, resourceful people who use the many services offered by YRP. Some are scared, unsure and new to this way of life and others have adapted more to their homeless life and seem to have learnt how to survive in their situation. For surviving is what it is. I feel little is known about this charity that deserves to be embraced by so many more in our local community. Despite its prominent position at the bottom of York Road most will just walk past and who knows that the Prop is on Goldsworth Road? The wonderful, dedicated staff work hard to help some the most vulnerable people around us often unseen. It offers a lifeline to so many and a platform on which to get back on their feet. It should be supported by Woking people to continue its work. Nobody plans to be homeless and who knows who is next to find themselves in need. I want people to know that the homeless aren’t scary, unapproachable people who are drug addicts, alcoholics or scroungers. They are normal people. Humans like you and I who are down on their luck and deserve not to be ignored.

I am a nurse at the local hospital and have cared for people of all shapes, sizes, religions and ethnicities. Everyone deserves respect. My shifts make it impossible to offer a set day to visit but I try to visit the Prop one day a week and am happy to help with whatever is needed. I’ve made sandwiches for picnics for outings, cleared endless cups and glasses into the dishwasher, been fishing (and actually caught a fish!), tried my hand creating a mosaic, practised for a flash mob (even with my appalling co-ordination), helped clients to find new clothes, shoes and sleeping bags from our donations upstairs. There is laundry to be done and friendships to be offered. Maybe you could get involved by giving your time, giving donations or raising money.